Current Commercial Products

Product Description Exclusives *
Adenine (new) Anticoagulant End use
Benzyl benzoate High purity excipient None
Bretylium tosylate (US DMF) Antiarrhythmic USA
Chromic chloride Trace element additive None
Isoniazid (injectable grade only) Tuberculosis None
Selenious acid Trace element additive USA
Thiamine hydrochloride (Vit B1) Thiamine deficiency None
Tolcapone (US DMF) Antiparkinsonian USA

API Products Developed

Product Description Exclusives *
Acrivastine Antihistamine None
Diazoxide (new) Hypoglycaemic None
Diphemanil methyl sulfate Anticholinergic None
Edaravone Lou Gehrig's disease None
Ethacrynic acid (US DMF) Loop diuretic None
Malathion (US DMF) Head lice treatment USA
Milrinone Vasodilator None
Pentamidine (new) Anti-infective None
Piribedil Antiparkinsonian None
Sodium molybdate (new) Trace element additive None
Tiopronin (new) Cystinuria None
Zinc sulfate (new) Zinc deficiency None

Excipients Developed

Product Description Exclusives *
2,4-Dichlorobenzyl alcohol High purity excipient None
Myristyl picolinium chloride (new) Preservative None
Sucrose monolaurate Excipient None

* If a country is listed here, this means that we have an exclusive customer for that country.

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